Shift as a way of life

Looking at the world in a different way since 1998

We think change and we act, making the bridge between what is rational and what is creative, contributing objectively to the success of our clients' brands. We are Shift Thinkers because what motivate us is looking at the world in a different way, exercising every day our passion, curiosity, reason and energy.

With work produced for more than 90 countries, the world is our starting point.

If you want to
shift strategy

Thinkers & Makers

Rita Oliveira


Miguel Reis
Creative Director


Effective Brands

Brands that represent experiences built up in people’s hearts and minds. Created based on a truly integrated offer, that enable us to produce work without limitations.

Skills Igniters

Image & Communication for the Blue Economy

We support projects that are candidates for funds within the Blue Economy sector, through the creation of their image and communication plan. We share the risk with our clients. The cost of this service will always be pending of the project financing approval.

Bringing the world of information to us

Though our Sharing Experiences Program we created and maintain a pool of Shift Spotters throughout the world, which allow us an easier and more advantageous access to information.

Sharing our knowledge

Shift Sessions are training and engagement workshops which seek to inspire and consolidate knowledge in the most varied areas - brand development, brand management, brand communication and experience.

Extraordinary from the ordinary

A good idea is always a good idea.
A big idea it depends.


Our other half

Thanks to  André, Helena, Ricardo, Cristiano, João, Teresa, Nuno, John, Frederico, Marta, Nilza, Bruno, Filipa, Telma, Agnieszka, Tiago, Isabel,  Manuel, Jeroen, Sara, Patrícia, Eduardo, Miguel, Rita, Theoni, Luciana, Aida, Márcia, António, José, Catarina, Mariana, Luís... all our clients.

Brand & Market Strategy


Brand & Market Strategy


Brand & Market Strategy

Brand & Market Strategy


Brand & Market Strategy

Brand & Market Strategy

Cultural Insight

Consumer Insight

Brand & Market Strategy

Shift Session

Brand & Market Strategy

Consumer Insight

Brand & Market Strategy

Brand & Market Strategy

Brand & Market Strategy


Consumer Insight

Brand & Market Strategy

Shift Session



For us, our biggest recognition is the long term relationship that we keep with  our clients. A relationship that is kept due to the efficiency of our work. Of course, we are also delighted and very proud with all the national and international awards that we have received.

The latest

A 7ª edicão da World Shopper Conference está a chegar e a Shift Thinkers segue como Brand Partner

A Shift Thinkers está envolvida neste projeto desde a sua fundação, como Brand Partner. Contribuir para o crescimento e notoriedade da marca World Shopper, ao longo destes 7 anos, de forma transversal, desde o seu posicionamento, estratégia de marca e imagem e comunicação.

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Are you a Shift Thinker?

We are always looking for Shift Thinkers: creative, curious, energetic, bold, determined, imaginative and rational minds. We look for people who think, question, imagine, who are willing to think differently, who do not give up and who are not afraid of change.

If your eyes burn brightly when reading the description of a Shift Thinker, speak to us.


Copywriter | Brand Strategist | Account Manager | Project Manager. That are Fluent in English | Digital Expert | Creative and Fun! If you think you are a Shift Thinker tell us the best excuse for us to hire you and send your CV

May 2 | 2017


Tell us your challenge and we will tell you how we can help you!


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