Shift Thinkers was responsible of Banco Carregosa rebranding

may 2022

Shift Thinkers is the agency responsible for the new identity of Banco Carregosa, developed to meet the needs of the digital context and mark the repositioning process of the Bank.

Shift Thinkers was responsible of Banco Carregosa rebranding

The solidity, credibility, and independence of the brand Banco Carregosa are recognized and easily justified by its more than 180 years of history. Values that are accompanied by the capacity for innovation, transparent attitude, and culture of sustainability that has always characterized the Bank and that need to be mirrored in the new brand.


"The goal was to create an identity perfectly suited to digital channels that now dominate communication processes, but that kept the same codes and visual references, reinforcing the intrinsic and distinctive values of Banco Carregosa," explains Miguel Reis, Creative Director of the branding agency.

He adds that the goal was also to "ensure that clients who, from generation to generation, have placed their trust in Banco Carregosa recognize it in the new brand, while feeling challenged to follow it in the future".


The approach then involved simplifying the graphic elements and designing a new typography, as well as creating a new color palette and photographic style that together result in greater impact and better performance of the brand in different media.
Along with the rebranding, Shift Thinkers was also responsible for the creative development of the Institutional Campaign that Banco Carregosa will present soon and that will be present in several offline and digital media.


Banco Carregosa is a reference institution in Wealth Management in Portugal, having pioneered a new generation of financial institutions that today we know as Private Banking.


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