Branding and Digital Strategy

Sabores Santa Clara

Sabores Santa Clara has gained a more digital flavor with Shift Thinkers


The partnership between Shift Thinkers and Sabores Santa Clara dates back to the first decade of the new millennium. At that time, we created the company's branding, as well as the brand and packaging of its star product, the "Rebuçado de Ovo", from Portalegre.


More recently, the brand needed a boost in this new era, which culminated in the creation of an entire Digital Strategy by Shift Thinkers. A strategy that went through the optimization of the whole Website, Social Media Management and even Brand Awareness Campaigns.

Branding, Design, Packaging, Digital Strategy, Social Media Management
A Mouthwatering Site

Shift Thinkers has done all the UX/UI Optimization work that has made browsing much simpler, more effective and intuitive.

A careful treatment of the entire hierarchy of information was also carried out, as well as the entire reorganization of the Online Store. This careful work has significantly increased the website’s performance.

The sweetest Thematic Campaigns

The investment in the Brand’s digital presence led to the development of several Thematic Campaigns, which brought a new flavor to some more important dates. They achieved amazing organic results on social networks, and even more significant ones in Promoted Campaigns.