Metro Guardado

The Unir Distâncias Group has teamed up with Shift Thinkers for the branding and website of a new self-storage company. And so, Metro Guardado was born.


Self-storage is the type of service that provides containers of different volumes, for people to store the most varied type of goods and objects. Either because they do not have space for them at home, or because they will sell them, etc.

Much in vogue all over the world but not so much in Portugal, it is precisely in this branch that Unir Distâncias wanted to start a new business, whose branding and website development was entrusted to Shift Thinkers. And that's how the Meter Guardado was born.

Unbreachable website

With digital always at this agency core, Shift Thinkers has created a responsive website for the brand, fully aligned with today's UX best practices. Extremely intuitive and easy to navigate, it allows visitors to acknowledge what the service is in a matter of seconds.

Reliable naming

A name that contemplates a pun that fits perfectly with the concept of service. Metro quadrado (square meter) is a widely used term in self-storage for space quantification. So we made the switch for "Guardado" (kept, held), which refers to the function of the service while conveying a solid sense of security.

Secure logo

For the logo design, the base was a modular plant of the square meter itself. From this modular plan of the service’s physical space, we then created an M that is no longer raised to 2 (square), but to a padlock (kept, held). This way, we strengthened the feeling of security that we wanted to convey to the brand.