Birthday Card - "This month has an important day"


Inapa Group chose Shift Thinkers to develop one of the most important tools of internal communication: the traditional birthday card. A card that serves not only to congratulate each employee but also to emphasize their contribution to the company's success.


A birthday card that is always delivered in a physical format, and where the quality, versatility, exclusivity, and beauty of paper are highly valued.

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For a special people, in a special day

An exclusivity that Shift Thinkers reflected not only in the use of paper but in the idea “This month has an important day” and in the storytelling of the card. Beginning on the envelope, also printed on a noble paper, with the message “for a special person, on a special day” and continues, when open, with a cover where the numbers are a unique set of stamps and counter-stamps that complement each other.  

"This month has an important day"

The Stamp has a unique and special number, which serves to mark the birthday of the employee.


A unique and personalized card that speaks to the heart.


Because it belongs solely to the person who receives it, on a day that is uniquely theirs.