Packaging Students


Shift Thinkers created navigator students packaging, based on home sweet school concept. 


Named Students and directed to a younger target, this product has a new packaging design, especially orientated to online selling.


In what was a long confinement period, it was fundamental to create packaging that would stand out on the digital shelves. Some visual codes and techniques facilitated that recognition, ensuring greater effectiveness on these platforms.


Thus, Shift Thinkers created a differentiating design, to fit both the target and the sales medium.


Shift Thinkers has thus achieved a balanced and effective solution, totally adapted to this new reality we live in. A reality in which everyone, including the paper industry, has to constantly reinvent themselves.

Packaging, Digital Design
The "S" from Students

The "S" of students is easily identifiable when viewing the product alongside others on a given website. The name “Students” also has a slightly larger size relative to the brand than usual

The chromatic choice

The chromatic richness, more appropriate for the digital universe, highlights the product’s different uses, while its iconography refers to the universe of home-school or the study outside of school.