Pizza na Praia Branding

Pizza na Praia

We were challenged to develop the branding for a new brand in the restaurant industry, Pizza na Praia.

A relaxed yet demanding brand.

A project that strives for its differentiation, pioneer in pizza delivery at the Meco beach sand.




Branding | Packaging | Stationary | Environment Design | Logo
This Pizza is for me!

A creative communication that marks a strong position in the market.

Pizza na Praia is relaxed and at the same time very demanding with the quality of its products.

One of its goals was to get closer to customers. That is why your pizza box will always have your name!

Building relationships around the table

Whether with your feet in the sand or browsing through the App, Pizza na Praia’s good vibe invites you to have a nice and tasty time.



Let's order a Pizza?

From packaging design to menu design, the brand's entire visual universe has been designed to convey the full flavor of a pizza on the beach.

Pizza, Music, Flavor, Beach, Delivery

Pizza, Music, Flavor, Beach and Delivery gave the mood that makes pizza na praia so different.