Rebranding and new Communication Campaign of Banco Carregosa are signed by Shift Thinkers

Banco Carregosa

Corporate Identity

The identity created is a response to the demands imposed by the digital channels and communication processes, resulting in a greater impact and better performance of the brand in the different media.

With this goal in mind, the approach involved simplifying the graphic elements and designing a new typography, as well as creating a new chromatic palette and a new photographic style. At the same time, the same codes and visual references were maintained, so that clients who, from generation to generation, have placed their trust in Banco Carregosa recognize it in the new brand, feeling also challenged to follow it in the future. 

Institucional Campaign

Along with the rebranding, Shift Thinkers was responsible for the creative development of the Institutional Campaign that marks the launch of the brand and will be present in several offline and digital media. The campaign reflects the distinctive values of Banco Carregosa, such as soundness, credibility, transparency, and independence, while paying tribute to the clients who have long accompanied it.