Shift Thinkers adds new flavour to the brand Obleias


In early 2021, the Obleias cookie brand was given a rebranding by Shift Thinkers.

The goal was clear: to propel themselves into a new, more digital era, while also reaching new audiences.

The result was a deliciously modern, young and distinctive brand.

Rebranding | Label Design | Packaging
Mouth-watering lettering

The lettering itself incorporates the format of the product. In some letters it displays thin ends (like the biscuits themselves) that balance with a strong and rounded overall shape.


On the labels, the bite reminds us of their flavour and texture, while still showing a glimpse of the product through the transparency of the packaging.

Yummy colours

From a chromatic point of view, we have developed a palette which is inspired by the product itself. These tasty cookies are produced with amaranth flower flour, whose purple and yellow hues we wanted to imbue in the new brand.


Several colours complement and reinforce the various flavours, while also being more appropriate for a digital context, namely in social media.

One calorie

As a complement, we have also strengthened the communication of one calorie per cookie, which is so relevant nowadays. Through various stickers, hashtags and the brand itself, we gave a new life to the package, which is now more ecological and without any impression.