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The 2019/2020 edition of the BP premierplus Catalogue featured a creative online and offline communication campaign, fully developed by Shift Thinkers. The slogan "O melhor todos os dias" was taken literally (and to the day), in a creative concept marked by originality and good mood. 


This year, in a period in which we were all ready for anything, we created the concept for the new BP premierplus Catalogue 2021/2022, this time under the motto ... "Pontos para o que der e vier", of course.


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BP premierplus 2019/2020 Catalog

Living up to the slogan "O melhor todos os dias", we have broken with the catalogue's traditional organisation and created a calendar that associates gifts to special days. A catalogue full of proposals with creative angles in order to help BP clients to take the best of their days.

Shift Thinkers also developed all the communication for point of sale, as well as the radio and video spots in the various platforms.


BP premierplus 2021/2022 Catalog

This year we innovated again, this time arranging the gifts according to the number of points required, in ascending order. Under the motto "Points for anything and everything", it featured real photos of various BP employees, giving them a more than deserved place as the main characters of this new catalogue.