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Development of digital interfaces with a focus on communication and marketing, and responsible for their technical component.


- Front-end and back-end development for websites;

- Programming in HTML/CSS/Javascript and PHP, knowledge of other languages will be valued;

- Definition of tools and CMSs according to the requirements presented by the client;

- Scheduling of the development phase and definition of deadlines;

- Bug fixing, correction of eventual anomalies, and guarantee of correct functioning and performance of the developed interfaces;

- Definition of the architecture of the sites together with the team ensuring the best UX/UI practices;

- Analysis and improvement of the client's interfaces;

- DB integration;

- Knowledge of APP development is valued. 

Soft Skills

- Excellent written and oral knowledge of the English language;

- Organization;

- Teamwork

- Creativity;

- Critical thinking;

- Initiative;

- Attention to detail;

- Ability to resolve;

- Ability to communicate;

- Sense of humor.


- Understand the market and user needs; 

- Integrate the front-end work with the back-end system;

- Define the data model and prepare the Database;

- Do the troubleshooting of all the system parts

- Knowledge/experience working and:

         - Frameworks: WordPress or Laravel or Magento or PrestaShop or equivalent;

         - Databases: MySQL or Postgres;

- Knowledge or contact with the following tools: Composer, NPM, and GitHub;

- Experience in HTML, CSS, PHP, and Javascript; 

- Knowledge of Front-End Frameworks like Vue, React, and Svelte;

- We value knowledge of Tailwind CSS;

- Experience in SEO optimization tools like Google Lighthouse, Google Dev Tools, and Screaming Frog;

- We value training in engineering, software, multimedia, or equivalent.


Please send an email with your CV portfolio to info@shiftthinkers.com with the reference Web Developer.

Only selected applicants will be contacted.